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Breast Cancer Rehabilitation presented by Jill Kaye, MSPT

Jill Kaye is a physical therapist with over 23 years of experience and has been working at Back to Health Physical Therapy for over 15 years.

Jill personally has had a double mastectomy, and she understands firsthand the painful, emotionally draining and frustrating recovery process that this type of surgery entails. This is Jill's passion – and we at Back to Health are here to support all breast cancer patients so that they can heal in a relaxing environment with the best possible physical and occupational therapy available.

According to Jill's coursework, there are several imperative steps physical and occupational therapists should take to ensure the best possible outcome for the breast cancer rehabilitation patients such as:

  • Pre-Operative Evaluation to determine specific measurements as a baseline prior to treatments and surgeries.
  • Home Exercise program for pre and post operative patients.

Post‐Operative Subjective Reports

The post op treatments will address items such as:

  • Adherence at incision sites and drain scars
  • Heaviness of arm
  • Winging
  • Scapular weakness
  • Examine for signs of axillary web syndrome
  • Examine for seroma
  • Examine for hematoma
  • Exercise for cardiac fitness, weight control, bone density maintenance, reduction of the risk of lymphedema ‒ especially in patients with >5 axillary nodes removed ‒ and reduction of breast cancer‐recurrence risk
  • LLLT (low light laser therapy)
  • Manual therapy/scar massage

Back to Health has the unique ability to provide therapy in the home and therapy in a tranquil room in our clinic.  Some patients start at home and then "graduate" to the clinic.  Others decide where it is best for them to be treated.  Either option provides a caring therpist who will make it a priority to help the patient relax and begin healing – rather than making them feel like they are at another doctor's appointment.

Thank you, Jill, for your fantastic and informative presentation!

Please refer to our article for more information about Jill Kaye and Back to Health's Breast Cancer Rehabilitation program:

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