Tai Chi River Edge, NJ

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art developed as a defense technique. It has great health benefits, which include more than 117 diagonal movements to improve balance, flexibility, strength, relaxation, and the activation of the central nerve system.

It helps to focus the mind solely on the movements and brings a state of mental calm and clarity, with general health benefits and stress management. It has been reported as being useful in treating several ailments and is supported by several associations, including the National Parkinson Foundation.

How can Tai Chi help?

The most common reason people start Tai Chi is to improve their balance. It is proven to reduce stress, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure.

Tai Chi technique reduces your risk of falling and improves your speed reaction to prevent falls. The cost of falling is detrimental, not only to your health and your wallet, and can also threaten your ability to remain independent.

Tai Chi is proven to improve brain health, with movements that cross the midline of the body and that forces the two hemispheres of the brain to talk to each other.

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