Fall Prevention Program River Edge, NJ

Fall Prevention Program

Falls have been reported to be one of the highest cause of injury in older adults by CDC and almost 20% to 30% who fall suffer from moderate to severe injury. There can be many different risk factors for falls, and it is critical to identify all the risk factors in order to understand assess and prevent it. As per the program called “Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries” by CDC, risk factors for falls are considered to be vestibular disorders or poor balance, Vitamin Insufficiency, Medications linked to falls, Postural hypotension, foot and ankle disorders, and home hazards.

At Back to Health Physical Therapy, physical therapist specialize in assessment and prevention of falls in older adults by addressing specific issues by using physical therapy principles.

If an older adult is assessed to be at higher risk for a fall, it has to be addressed immediately in order to avoid any accidental injury that can be fatal or may lead to severe disability. At Back to Health Physical Therapy, physical therapist have designed a fall prevention program to treat balance impairment. Contact us at River Edge, NJ center today.