Loren Simpson

Loren Simpson, Owner, COO

Loren graduated from University at Buffalo’s School of Management with a dual degree in Marketing and Management Information Systems in 1994.

Loren worked for over 15 years doing business development for 3 internet-based startup businesses prior to working with Back To Health in 2009.  The move to a patient-centric business rather than a corporate focus was an inspiration and incredibly fulfilling.  “We are making a difference in each of our patients’ lives by providing excellent, patient-focused physical and occupational therapy, educating their families or caretakers, and making their day to day lives better, which enables me to feel like we are giving people back their lives, and their hope.  This experience has been life changing not just for our patients, but for myself as well”.

In her spare time, Loren has a passion for cooking, traveling, reading, and spending time with her beautiful family.