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Therapy at Home Therapy Office

We are actively seeking qualified Physical and Occupational therapists for our In-Home Rehab services!

Are you tired of working in a “mill”?

  • Are you looking for flexible hours?
  • Do you want to be well compensated?
  • Are you looking for an emotionally rewarding career?
  • Do you have the skills, training, and experience to provide high quality and effective treatments, but feel that your hands are tied by managed care and high patient volume?
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The Back to Health Difference

  • All Back To Health In-Home Rehab treatments are done in our patients’ homes, so you are never seeing more than one patient at a time.  This creates a very relaxed, stress free atmosphere for both our therapists and our patients.
  • Back To Health therapists have the ultimate flexibility in scheduling their patients.  Our therapists define their hours and schedule their patients accordingly.
  • We are one of the highest paying PT/OT organizations in the Northeast.
  • Additionally, since our patients are not “homebound”, we are not restricted by a set number of visits traditionally seen in homecare agencies, so you can use your skills and experience to treat in a way that helps your patients achieve their true functional goals, without keeping one eye on the discharge date.

Job Opportunity

Back To Health In-Home Rehabilitation is offering full time, part time, and per diem opportunities to qualified physical and occupational therapists.  We offer a great benefits package including Health benefits, 401K, paid time off, and more.

Job requirements are:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience .
  • Licensed PT/OT in the state of New Jersey.
  • Strong Geriatric experience a must.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Willing to truly make a difference in peoples lives !

Qualified applicants should email or fax resumes to Info@BTHRehab.com  or Fax to  201-645-4735.

Therapist Testimonials

Stephanie Spada, P.T.

"I love working at Back to Health as it allows me the flexibility to be both a hands-on involved mom to an amazing six year old little boy as well as a working professional. I am able to provide quality one-on-one quality care to my patient's in the comfort of their own home. This allows me to get to know them very well, develop their trust, and makes their therapy experience truly "function based" as I am able to help them attain their highest level of function within their own environment. I also have a variety of patient's that I treat so that helps to keep my skill set sharpened. I honestly look forward to "going to work" with Back to Health. They are a caring, dedicated group of special people who truly want the best for their patients!!"

Jodi McLean, O.T.

"Back to Health gives me the opportunity to see patients in the clinic setting and in their homes.  I love the connection I am able to make with my patients and their families as they welcome me into their homes.  This is the most flexible, rewarding, stress free job anyone could ever ask for as an occupational therapist.  It feels so good to love my job each and every day! "

Patricia Verdote, PT

“Back To Health is the best PT job that i have ever had.  I am able to treat the patients the way that I want to treat, the way that I believe will be the best level of care for the patient in their own environment. I helped one patient learn how to get up off of their favorite chair in their living room – and that is not something that I have ever had the chance to do before!"

Yvette Nafpliotis , PT

“I have been working with Back To Health since 2006 and it has been the most emotional and financially rewarding position that I have ever had.  The patients are so grateful for the services and I truly can see their progress in a very direct way”

Jill Friedbauer, PT

“It was very difficult for me to find a PT position where i could send my kids off to school in the morning and to also be home to greet them when they come home in the afternoon. That flexibility is priceless to me.  My patients have made a tremendous level of progress – even more than i have seen in clinical environments – which is really rewarding. I love working with Back To Health so much that i have referred clinicians that i have worked with in the past to join their team!  
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