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In-Home Patient Testimonials

Mary Caniano, Lodi,NJ

"Pain was relieved in Knees, walking was improved, getting out of chair is now easier. Yvette was very helpful, always on time, knew exactly what to do to relieve my pain. Was courteous, friendly and an expert therapist." click to view full testimonial

Tina Calobrisi, Paramus,NJ

"It was wonderful. Jill my therapist was extremely helpful and a very pleasant to work with. Back to Health is a wonderful place .... Thank you Back to Health!" click to view full testimonial

Ruth B.- River Edge, NJ

"I have enjoyed working with Mitch... My knee improved visibly, now I walk painlessly and most importantly I escaped surgery." Click here to view testimonial

Jack S - fort lee, nj

"I commend you for having Yvette on your staff. She is a gem and I would recommend her to anyone needing physical therapy.... She relieved my back pain very quickly.. " Read full testimonial

Concetta T - Lodi,NJ

"Very convenient since my family works and it is sometimes difficult to coordinate travel to and from appointments." Read Full Testimonial

Claire C. - saddlebrook,nj

"Very convenient since my family works and it is sometimes difficult to coordinate travel to and from appointments." Read Full Testimonial

Ethel K.- Teaneck,NJ

"It has been very helpful to me and I function better. Having my therapist come to my house is extremely helpful to me. I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of therapy." Read Full Testimonial
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Office Patient Testimonials

Arlene Shapiro, Teaneck,NJ

"I had bilateral knee replacements and was unable to walk without a walker or even bend my knees without excruciating pain... My therapist delivered one-to-one personalized therapy... He was extremely knowledgeable and encouraging, keeping me cheerfully on-track even on my bad days. I was  "back to normal" in an astoundingly short time considering the poor physical and mental condition I was in at the start. "

Millie P., New Milford,NJ

"My therapy with Back to Health was outstanding. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with a smile from the front desk staff. Mitch's expertise and knowledge of PT was amazing, in addition to his empathy and understanding of my condition. I highly recommend Back to Health to anyone needing physical therapy."

Judah Rosenbaum, Teaneck, NJ

"Mitch was pleasant and always able to work within my schedule. I walked over a mile the other day with NO PAIN !" click to view full testimonial

Miriam Benoff, Teaneck,NJ

"Awesome! Therapist was very helpful with many excellent techniques for extending the benefits of physical therapy with home exercises and postural training." click to view full testimonial

David Frohlich, Teaneck,NJ

"Patricia is a wonderful therapist...she continuously encouraged me.. always going the extra mile in whatever she did for me....from day one when I walked into the office everyone greeted me with such a warm hello... in a nutshell it was a total experience.... I would recommend your place to anyone who needs rehab." click to view full testimonial

Doris Krueger, Hackensack,NJ

"Productive, Pleasant.. Resulted in more flexibility in shoulders. Overall an extremely positive experience. Staff was warm and friendly. Mitch was so very pleasant, upbeat and encouraging... Efficient scheduling--no waiting time." view full testimonial

William Kelly, Tenafly,NJ

"From my first day of therapy, Marilyn was with me all the way. She offered innovative techniques to deal with some of my problems.... I preferred to go to the Back to Health facility where I could use the available equipment. During every therapy session, Marilyn was directly involved in my progress- an enthusiastic cheer leader with a nice sense of humor." view full testmonial

Lea LaMantia, Garfield,NJ

"I find Mitch to be very experienced and flexible. He is always encouraging and generates a good feeling of accomplishment. I appreciate him." view full testimonial
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Therapist Testimonials

Stephanie Spada, P.T.

"I love working at Back to Health as it allows me the flexibility to be both a hands-on involved mom to an amazing six year old little boy as well as a working professional. I am able to provide quality one-on-one quality care to my patient's in the comfort of their own home. This allows me to get to know them very well, develop their trust, and makes their therapy experience truly "function based" as I am able to help them attain their highest level of function within their own environment. I also have a variety of patient's that I treat so that helps to keep my skill set sharpened. I honestly look forward to "going to work" with Back to Health. They are a caring, dedicated group of special people who truly want the best for their patients!!"

Jodi McLean, O.T.

"Back to Health gives me the opportunity to see patients in the clinic setting and in their homes.  I love the connection I am able to make with my patients and their families as they welcome me into their homes.  This is the most flexible, rewarding, stress free job anyone could ever ask for as an occupational therapist.  It feels so good to love my job each and every day! "

Patricia Verdote, PT

“Back To Health is the best PT job that i have ever had.  I am able to treat the patients the way that I want to treat, the way that I believe will be the best level of care for the patient in their own environment. I helped one patient learn how to get up off of their favorite chair in their living room – and that is not something that I have ever had the chance to do before!"

Yvette Nafpliotis , PT

“I have been working with Back To Health since 2006 and it has been the most emotional and financially rewarding position that I have ever had.  The patients are so grateful for the services and I truly can see their progress in a very direct way”

Jill Friedbauer, PT

“It was very difficult for me to find a PT position where i could send my kids off to school in the morning and to also be home to greet them when they come home in the afternoon. That flexibility is priceless to me.  My patients have made a tremendous level of progress – even more than i have seen in clinical environments – which is really rewarding. I love working with Back To Health so much that i have referred clinicians that i have worked with in the past to join their team!  
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Doctor Testimonials

Neil Gonter, MD, F.A.C.R. Rheumatology

" ...I have been working with Back to Health In-Home Rehab and I can say that I am truly impressed...The therapy equipment that they bring to the patients' home helps maximize outcomes... I highly recommend their services to anyone requiring the need of physical and/or occupational therapy."

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Michael Kailas, MD Neurologist

“As a neurologist, many of my  patients have a difficult time driving Back to Health In-Home Rehab provides an indispensable service by traveling to the patient's home....Their level of care and compassion is exemplary.They are professional,  concerned and have a very high quality skill set in the field of physical/ occupational therapy. My patients constantly rave about how happy they are with Back to Health Needless to say – we highly recommend Back To Health’s PT and OT services.” Read Full Testimonial

Ralph Marcus,MD, F.A.C.R. Rheumatology

"We are seeing consistently good results from our patients that we refer to Back to Health In-Home Rehab. Our patients are making significant progress and are extremely pleased with their therapist. This is a very valuable service, especially for our patients who find it difficult- physically or logistically- to travel to a traditional rehab facility. I am very impressed with Back to Health's high level of expertise and professionalism." Click to view full testimonial

Charles Davis,MD Geriatric Specialist

"Mitch Simpson and his staff at Back to Health provide outstanding physical therapy services. My patients are always treated by skillful, knowledgeable and compassionate therapists. We recieve excellent feedback from all of our patients that we refer to them. Back to Health provides a great service by providing outpatient therapy services in the patient's home. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking physical and/or occupational therapy." Read Full Testimonial

Samuel Friedman,MD, F.A.C.C Internal Medicine/Cardiology

“Back to Health has provided physical therapy services for many of my patients and I have been extremely pleased with every aspect of their care.Their therapists are not only very competent but are very personable as well....I have found Back to Health's services extremely helpful to my patients. It is my pleasure to recommend them to you without hesitation." Read Full Testimonial
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